02 Ozone Therapy

The circulation of blood is important to hair growth as a healthy blood supply is essential in providing important nutrients and nourishment to the continuous hair growth cycle. The blood vessels also help to regulate temperature and retain or lose heat when needed. Circulation of blood also help ensure the continuous supply of oxygen to the main parts of the body and hair follicles.

Thus we include the O2 Oxygen Therapy¬† in our scalp treatment designed to boost metabolism, activate and repair cells, and carry vital nutrients and oxygen supply to the hair follicles while infusing our special hairgro oil and herbal mix into the scalp for maximum absorption for healthy hair growth and to feed the follicles of much needed nutrients or ‘hair food’.

After the ayurvedic scalp oil massage where a special blend of ayurvedic hair oil is spread over and massaged into the scalp, pure oxygen is administered through a high-pressure jet into the hair follicle through this process. The process is non-invasive and is highly effective in promoting hair growth and stimulating hair follicles. Pores are open to absorb all the essential oils through this 20 mins process.

This step neutralizes free radicals, and aids in the absorption of nutrients provided in our 2hrs Customised scalp restoration and hair loss treatment which will result in  cleaner and healthier scalp with unclogged pores to that enables stronger new hair to emerge.