13 hair fall treatments in Singapore that are clinically proven and well-reviewed

Ever noticed the baffling number of hair loss centres in Singapore? If that can only tell you one thing, it’d be that hair fall is a real thing especially in this part of the world.

Stress, diet, hormones, and hereditary conditions are all main contributors of hair fall – stress in particular can be a major culprit if left unchecked.

According to Cigna, Singapore’s wellness index has dropped by 1.7 points from 2018 to 57.8 last year – this is lower than the global average of 62. That makes Singapore the fifth-lowest ranked for wellness globally, ahead of Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Turkey.

In a separate report by IoT company Kisi, Singapore just trails Japan’s Tokyo as the most overworked city in the world with on average 44.6 work hours per week.

The Lion City had a total score of 36.36 points on the 2019 Work-Life Balance Index, significantly lower than leading spots helmed by Helsinki, Finland or Munich, Germany which got a score of 100 and 98.32 points respectively. Forty cities were evaluated based on work intensity, society and institutions, and city livability.

With stress being one of the leading causes of hair fall, you can only imagine the sheer amount of people who’s dealing with hair fall issues on a daily basis. But with so many professional treatments targeting hair fall out there, it’s hard to know which one is really effective.

Fret not, we’ve done the legwork for you so that you can go ahead and just book an appointment for any of the following hair fall treatments to restore your crowning glory to its former fabulous state. Ahead, we’ve got the scoop on the hair fall treatments in Singapore that are clinically proven and well-reviewed.



A.P Hair Loss 4-6 Therapy is Svenson’s latest cutting-edge treatment that’s scientifically formulated with alopecia in mind. Combining the most advanced ingredients with sophisticated technology, this treatment is developed to address two major concerns: excessive hair fall and premature greying hair strands.

Powered by cell-signaling technology, the A.P Hair Loss 4-6 Therapy is able to go deep into scalp layers to trigger cell-to-cell communication between healthy stem cells in order to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration as well as encourage hair growth.

The treatment also features PDRN, more popularly known as salmon DNA. Thanks to its high similarity to human DNA, this ingredient can be readily absorbed by hair roots and follicles to aid in cell repair and rejuvenation.

Another star ingredient in this high-tech treatment is polygonum multiflorum. Best known as he shou wu, this extract is often used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been found to help rejuvenate and reactivate hair growth by increasing the number and size of hair follicles, as well as prevent premature grey hair by reactivating melanocytes in your hair follicles.

Last but certainly not least are bio-memetic peptides, which function as major growth factors in the body. With a similar structure to natural peptides, bio-memetic peptides are able to act as those that you naturally have in your body to promote natural hair production, stimulate follicle growth, inhibit hair shedding, and prevent further hair loss. And yes, they’re perfectly safe for your hair and scalp!

This is an all-new treatment by Svenson, so it doesn’t have much reviews just yet but its set of technology and key ingredients are all scientifically proven to help treat hair fall which looks to be very promising.

The Svenson A.P Hair Loss 4-6 Therapy is now available at a special introductory offer of S$68.


Svenson has been at the forefront of trichology for more than 60 years, offering holistic and effective hair and scalp care that is delivered by highly trained in-house trichologists, hair consultants, and therapists, all of whom possess the know-how to revive lacklustre hair. In addition to Singapore, Svenson is also currently present in major Asian cities, including Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Customers mainly appreciate the relaxing ambience in the Svenson hair centres that they can relish while getting their hair woes treated. Customers also shared that  they are often met with warm, friendly consultants and therapists in each location on the island.


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