About the Founder

BioRevive HairGro Singapore / Dubai

I started my Hair Loss Centre in 2010 in Singapore from my own hair loss experience which is caused by frequent styling, coloring, hair extensions and all that comes with the hectic lifestyle of a flight stewardess of 14 years. Looking for the most affordable, least invasive, effective and sustainable hair loss treatments & products began then. Through the years, I’ve researched & developed BioRevive HairGro brand which provides affordable and effective hair growth treatments and products against hair loss using the best Bio Botanicals ingredients combined with a special formulation of Ayurvedic herbs & technique methods for the scalp restoration thus treating hair loss from its source. We treat all forms of hair loss and suitable for men & women of all ages.

Our methods are not invasive and produce a lasting result as early 1 month. I not only regain my crowning glory, but the confidence that comes with it.

“If you have something that works & works well, people will come back for more..” Lydia Milne