Addressing Scalp Concerns

Addressing Scalp Concerns: Dandruff

Best Dandruff Treatment in Singapore


best dandruff treatment singaporeDandruff on the scalp characteristics includes the excess shedding of the top layer of the skin on the scalp. This layer of skin consists of dead skin cells, which protect the more fragile cells below, thus resulting in the replacement when the body produces new cells which moves up to replace the older ones. It is normal for these to be shed or rubbed off however dandruff is caused by this form of shedding at an increasing rate.

Dandruff is an aesthetic issue, which many people find unattractive or attractive. Itching may accompany dandruff but will not cause the hair follicles to be infected,

Dandruff can affect both women and men. It tends to be more prominent in adolescence and young adulthood and decrease over time. Acne or oily skin type skin also tend to have more problems with dandruff. Dandruff ranges from mild to moderate dandruff.

Exposure to natural sunlight, getting the right dandruff treatment and a reduction in stress may help to control it. Finding the best dandruff treatment in Singapore and Dubai may include proper analysis of the scalp condition to ensure the best scalp treatment is rendered which will help to restore the scalp balance within the shortest time frame.

At BioRevive HairGro Singapore and Dubai, this scalp disorder is resolved a certain cleansing and combing technique with the use of herbal and bio-botanical oils and products in the adequate proportions coupled with advanced light technology that targets the roots and aids in scalp restoration to prevent and eliminate this scalp disorder.

Our home care products kit which includes an anti-hair loss shampoo, hair growth tonic and scalp soothing oil also help to minimize scalp disorders such as dandruff. Routine treatments are encourage to gradually eliminate dandruff and the diverse effects dandruff has on the scalp.