How our Treatment works

Trichologist certified Hair Loss Treatments Singapore

We target the scalp to improve its condition enabling each pore to produce the maximum of hair strands per follicle thus resulting in abundance of hair growth in not only appearance but also feel.

Our holistic approach in the treatment of hair loss has maneuvered towards a more natural and herbal derived sources and concoctions. The combination of herbal and natural remedies can be explored further together with the use of conventional method to provide the best hair growth results.

Over the centuries, herbs have been used for a variety of hair care treatments, but the results were mixed until certain herbs from Europe were combined with those that are found in Asia & created a product known as Bio Revive HairGro.

For specific hair care Singapore treatments, there are none quite like Bio Revive HairGro that combines the essential herbs & bio ingredients with proven ayurvedic techniques, hi-frequency & O2 technology and Bio Light technology which result in having thicker, more healthier hair and reverse hair thinning.

Herbal & Bio Botanical Scalp treatment 

Herbal & Bio botanical products are relatively risk-free and result oriented. Bioproducts are useful in providing you noninvasive scalp treatment for hair fall. Using herbal hair care products is the same as you take care of a plant by watering it and seeing it flourishing day by day.

BioRevive HairGro treatments are best for all types of hair problems, as these are perfect hair fall remedies. BioRevive is selling its best ayurvedic herbal & bio botanical scalp care products since 2010.

All hair fall treatments contain herbs and bio- botanical nutrients, which help repair & treat scalp conditions

Our products such as the Bio Growth anti hair fall Shampoo cleanses the scalp from free radicals and maintain the scalp natural PH balance.Our Bio Growth hair tonic for hair loss made from more than 18 herbs aids in unclogging of  follicles, stop sebum growth, and make stronger the hair roots. Our Bio Growth hair oil made from the an rich infusion of ayurvedic natural oils provides ample nourishment and nutrients with direct absorption.

Biorevive in-depth research, trichologist certified  &  12 years of experience make it the best solution for hair problems.

By using our products, you can get an anti hair fall treatment without any side effects.

For best results, treatments and use of products is recommended at the early stages of hair loss as later stages presents themselves as more challenging to treat especially with the presentation of dead pores or follicles in which hair growth is not possible and the hair loss is irreversible.

Yes, YOU Can Have Thick, Healthy Hair!

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