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Hair Health. The beauty industry has promoted hairstyling and coloring that affected overall hair health. The trend of permanent extensions, hair dying, frequent styling, chemical hair treatments for hair straightening or permanent curls made the majority of women face hair damage or hair fall. In women, hair completes the personality, image and confidence. Poor hair condition or hormonal factors such as after birth or hormonal imbalances affects women in general. This is why ‘how to reduce hair fall’ is in question and the results in reduction of hair fall from BioRevive HairGro treatments and products are visible from the 1st treatment. See & feel the difference. We cannot deny the fact that hair fall control is not easy, and it is time taking procedure for hair treatment, finding a reliable products as you cannot just rely on any products which give temporary results but some comes with unwanted side effects. Scalp conditions such as excessive oiliness, dandruff, hair fall, post natal and even female hair loss can surface at any age under various circumstances and we’re dedicated to helping you understand them and being well on your way to lustrous, healthy hair.

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