Muslimah Friendly Slot Timings

At BioRevive HairGro, we understand the need for privacy for our Muslimah clients. To further enhance the experience of our Hijabis clients to have their scalp treatment, we provide slot timings for ladies only & providing a hijab-friendly salon service in Singapore. Our specialized hair loss treatment and hair growth products help maintain a healthy, youthful hair and rejuvenated scalp with the use of authentic and bio botanicals haircare treatment from bio botanical, ayurvedic herbs, herbal extracts and natural oil dedicated specially for clients in their daily use of Hijabs.

For our Muslim ladies clients in Singapore, we have ladies only treatment slots of privacy for women who want to be worry-free while getting their scalp treatment done.

You can book an appointment date and indicate Muslimah in the comments and a suitable slot timing will be arranged.

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