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Our hair coloring cares. The best hair color for thinning hair.

When it comes to hair coloring, we provide the best option for customers with thinning hair to overcome their worries. Bleaching of the hair can be addictive and fun switching up your hair color and adding highlights to freshen up your looks. When it comes to the scalp health, bleaching is potentially the most damaging of all the coloring methods. It raises the outer cuticle to let the bleach fully penetrate to bring out the color of the hair dye used.

At BioRevive HairGro Singapore, natural, organic hair dyes which don’t contain ammonia, peroxide, are used to protect the scalp from any damage related to hair coloring and yet still achieve the desired color chosen by our customers. The use of hair colors which contain these chemicals may cause an itchy, sore scalp, bald spots, chemical burn and damage to your hair including breakage of the hair ends. The types of hair colorants we use are scalp friendly, does not cause any damage to the hair follicles, come in many vibrant colors and are suitable for hair loss-prone hair.

Our BioRevive HairGro Treatment can be done simultaneously after hair coloring to give the effects of a freshly vibrant colored hair and the assurance of a healthy scalp after color.

Our hair coloring services are available at reasonable rates depending on the hair length.

Signature henna hair colouring:

Henna is a natural hair coloring option that is made from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant. It is a popular choice for those looking for a safe and natural way to color their hair. Some benefits of using henna for hair coloring include:

  1. It is a natural and safe option. Unlike chemical dyes, henna does not contain any harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.
  2. It can add shine and luster to your hair. Henna can help to make your hair look healthier and more vibrant.
  3. It can condition your hair. Henna can help to moisturize and nourish your hair, making it feel softer and more manageable.
  4. It is long-lasting. Henna can last for several weeks on your hair, depending on how often you wash it.
  5. It is versatile. Henna can be used to create a wide range of colors. Our Henna does not produce an orange tint.

Overall, using henna for hair coloring can be a great way to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results without exposing your hair to harmful chemicals.

Advance booking is required as our Signature Henna Hair Colouring requires overnight preparation. Kindly indicate in the comments if you are booking Hair Colouring or Henna Colouring.

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