Free Consultation & Scalp Analysis



Free Consultation & Scalp Analysis will be done together with booking of the 1st Trial Session.

Duration of treatment: 2 hrs

Consultation & Scalp Analysis: 5-10 mins

The remaining duration is dedicated to the treatment itself.

Best not to wash your hair or apply any scalp or hair products on treatment day.

With being hands on with the treatment, we are able to assess the rate of your  hair shedding at the same time.

At BioRevive HairGro Center, we deliver a revolutionary holistic approach to hair loss problems and scalp issues with lasting results.

Free consultation & scalp analysis to determine the severity and any underlying problems such as dandruff, psoriasis, alopecia & oily scalp conditions.


An advanced way for clients to understand their hair. From the detailed findings from our scalp analysis, we can provide a complete analysis of a client’s scalp condition where they are able to have a microscopic view of the pores and hair follicles which will reveal underlying scalp issues or sebum built up that may prevent healthy hair growth. With this advanced technology, we will provide the necessary scalp treatments and products to resolve the hair problem or scalp condition, and a close-up of the before and after treatment will be provided during the course of treatments to monitor progress.

Ready to experience lesser hairfall?

See & Feel the Difference after the trial session.
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