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How our treatment works– We target the scalp to improve its condition enabling each pore to produce the required no. of new hair growth. Thinning hair is caused by the weak pores as healthy scalp pores produce at least 3-4 strands of hair whereas a weak one produces 1 strand per follicle.

Over the centuries, herbs have been used for a variety of hair care treatments, but the results were mixed until certain herbs from Europe were combined with those that are found in Asia & created a product known as Bio Revive HairGro. For specific hair care Singapore treatments, there are none quite like Bio Revive HairGro that combines the essential herbs & bio ingredients with proven ayurvedic techniques, hi-frequency & O2 technology which result in having thicker, more beautiful hair that starts filling in the thinning areas. Yes, YOU Can Have Thick, Healthy Hair!

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