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Strands that fall in worrying numbers, clogging shower drains & occurs even with the gentlest & quickest of brushing. Increasing number of hair fall which usually comes with undeniable emotional stress for more today. This problem may be in connection with genetic or medical condition or contributed by the aging process, the facts remains that more people are facing this problems, there is an extent of hair experts who show & agree that there are a lot of natural ayurvedic herbal remedies that can generate significant benefits for the people concerned to treat their hair & scalp conditions & have prolong healthy hair.

The calming and rejuvenating properties of herbs have been proven in the treatment for hair loss and in prolonging hair life cycle. By combining the essential herbal remedies in our treatments for hair loss, new and faster hair growth are possible without dependency on harsh chemicals regime and medications interfering with the body’s natural system.

Most of the ingredients in our hair care products derived from the best natural properties these herbs has to offer. Our best selling anti hair loss shampoo, hair growth tonic and soothing scalp hair oil are made from these herbal elements and have successfully achieve amazing results in achieving long lasting hair growth and significant reduction in hair thinning.

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