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Scalp Treatments & Hair Treatments

BioRevive HairGro Trichologist certified scalp treatments aims & tackles scalp conditions on a cellular level by strengthening your hair follicles which in turn slows down thinning, minimise hair fall which will contribute to stronger & fuller new hair growth.

Our specially formulated products are manufactured by us in Singapore which combines powerful key ingredients which are proven to combat hair loss & promotes hair growth.

We are solely a scalp treatment center with 13 years of experience & are committed & focused on customers achieving their desired results.

Dandruff & Scalp Irritation

Our dandruff and scalp irritation treatment is a soothing and effective solution to combat flakes and discomfort. Formulated with gentle yet powerful ingredients, it relieves itching, reduces dandruff, and promotes a healthy scalp environment for lustrous, itch-free hair. Control and combat excess sebum & significantly reduce dandruff & irritation while providing ideal moisture level. Guaranteed significantly reduced dandruff and irritation after first session.

Scalp inflammation, Flaky Treatment

Targeted solution designed to soothe and alleviate redness, itching, and discomfort caused by inflammation. eg: Scalp Eczema & Scalp psoriasis. Enriched with calming ingredients, it helps restore balance to the scalp, which will significantly redness, flake & itchiness over time.

Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair loss treatment is a cutting-edge solution crafted to address hair thinning and promote regrowth. With a potent blend of nourishing ingredients, it fortifies hair follicles, stimulating natural growth and revitalizing your locks. With the use of special methods & BioLight technology, designed to combat hair loss at a cellular level. Improve circulation and renourish the scalp & reactivation of pores & hair follicles.

Hair Colouring for Hair Loss Prone Hair

Biorevive HairGro offers a specialized hair color treatment designed for hair loss-prone individuals. With a focus on scalp and hair health, this color formula is gentle and nourishing, promoting a balanced environment for your tresses. Experience the joy of vibrant hair color without compromising on care.

Signature Henna Colouring

Biorevive HairGro Henna Colouring, a natural and enriching solution for stunning hair color. Experience the magic of henna’s deep, radiant tones combined with the nourishing benefits of Biorevive HairGro. Revel in vibrant, long-lasting color while nurturing your scalp and hair.
We have a variety of Henna Colour to choose from.

Henna natural color offers several benefits for your hair:

Vibrant and Natural: Henna provides rich, deep color shades that blend beautifully with your natural hair color, creating a unique and vibrant look.

Gentle and Chemical-Free: Henna is free from harsh chemicals, making it a safe and non-toxic alternative to conventional hair dyes. It’s suitable for those with sensitive scalps or allergies.

Covers Grey Hair: Henna effectively covers grey hair, offering a natural-looking solution for those seeking to conceal greys without compromising on hair health.

Dry & Damaged Hair Lipids  Treatment

Our dry damaged hair Lipids  treatment is here to rescue your tresses and restore them to their former glory. With our effective and innovative formula, with a rich & nourishing deep oil infusion  with steaming paired with our hair shaft repair mask with 03 therapy will provide the ultimate nutrients & lipids for repairing and restoring damaged hair while sealing the cuticle & fibres. Our expertly crafted blend of nourishing ingredients works deep within the hair fibers, repairing and strengthening them from the inside out. Whether your hair has been damaged by heat styling, chemical treatments, or environmental factors, our treatment is the perfect remedy to restore back the moisture and sealing in the strength back.

Results are instantenous and will progress further with consecutive treatments.

Our Damaged Hair Lipids Treatment starts at $69 & can be combined with our scalp treatment with $59 standard add on for all hair lengths. Pricie list and length Guide below.