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Hair loss treatments in Singapore | BioRevive HairGro Novena Square 2


As a lady, my physical image tells a tale. I find myself feeling good if I look good. So you can tell how horrified and worried I was why I spot something very not right about my hair… 
Balding might be an exaggeration. But that is not a total uncalled claim because my scalp is indeed in trouble. I also have this terrible habit of tying my hair to a bun whenever I am home so as to keep my hair away from my face, but it also seems like my hair line is residing! It not helping either especially when I’ve been dyeing my hair these two years. Which is why I made a trip down to BioRevive Hair to seek help. 
My hair scalp problem as evidently shown in the photo.

BioRevive HairGro is located at Novena Square 2 B1-132. It is a nice cozy hair loss treatment centre which has their own line of hair care products. You can also visit their facebook page here.
We did a hair scalp analysis to determine what is the underlying problem. At first I thought my hairline along my fringe is where it is balding, but truth be told, the problem isn’t just that! The real problem is that my hair is way too clogged, and all my hair follicles are basically not healthy at all.
After which we proceeded to our hair treatment at BioRevive HairGro. 

My hair therapist first start off by using a high frequency rod to reactivate the hair follicles.
To protect my hair colour and scalp, my hair therapist used amla paste to stimulate and massage my hair scalp. 

Then she massaged in BioGrowth Hair Oil consisting of a special blend of bio-botanicals & ayurvedic herbs before steaming to open up the follicles and release toxins. O2 Seaming procedure takes about 20-30mins. As a first timer, my therapist chose 20mins for me.
After steaming, my therapist prepared the HairGro Masque made up of a combination of ayurvedic herbs which help to restore scalp conditions and highly effective to promote hair growth. The HairGro masque is also suitable for coloured hair and does not leave any colour residue after being rinse.
All hair masques are mixed on the spot and may be catered to individual problems.
After which we rinse off everything before massaging the herbal water into my hair scalp.

And these are BioRevive HairGro’s hair care products used during my treatment: Shampoo, Hair Oil, Hair Tonic and Ampoules. 

Results after the treatment session
BEFORE: As you see, a hair follicle should be growing 2-3 strands of hair but each of my follicles only has a strand of hair. Worse still, if I don’t do anything to it, the hair follicles may be sealed after the only hair strand falls off, and the distances between each follicle will be further; resulting in balding. 
AFTER: One treatment has managed to clean up my hair scalp and remove the surface sebum/oil. There may not be any significant difference of course, because we can’t possibly expect hair to grow out within a few hours. I’ve asked the therapist and she mentioned there needs to be at least 6 sessions in order to see good results. But judging from the way they massage my hair with the right hair tonic and mask, I’m positive about the treatment 🙂

Get to enjoy two hr session of hair scalp restoration and hair loss treatment at only SGD59. I think this promotion is really worth it! Go for it!

BioRevive HairGro
+65 6397 6322


If you have hair loss problem, I really feel you. It’s time to seek help early before it’s too late. What you see may determine your confidence!
Thanks for reading! ❤

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