Hair Loss Treatments Reviews Singapore and Dubai.


“I’m very much happy with the hair treatment here and the lady who does the treatment is really nice and does wit a lot of patience with two sessions itself I can feel log of improvement. It’s really worth!!! Thanks so much!”


Done  with the gals hair treatment n all happy with the service by Ms. Ani.. and we will be back for more treatments etc. Thanks, Lydia Milne, Lydia Milne || & BioRevive HairGro for the wonderful pleasure and today we all discover there is more to just shampoo etc ? ?


I would like to thank BioRevive HairGro for their very friendly care. Not only to me but to my hair too. I am happy when I see my baby hair growing from the patches I had. I would like to continue Bio Revive HairGro services and the products.


“Have been noticing lesser hair on my comb when I brush my hair now! Used to have eczema on my scalp but after a few treatments, my scalp no longer feels itchy and eczema is gone. ???”

Michelle Ng

“My hair loss has dramatically lessen since I started their treatments. Lesser hair fall after a few visits. I can feel thicker texture to my hair now. Affordable compared to other hair treatment centers I have been to.”

Amy Loo

Very genuine hair treatment place. Was having hair loss issue that cause a hole in the hair, thank god for Anne, she help me to fix the issue and there is no more hole now. She is very professional and explain everything to me very detail and she also teach me what to do at home. Thank you Anne!

Mayank Somani

Great service and results. Ms Ani is very friendly and knows so much about hair problems and their solutions. Would highly recommend in case you have any issues related to hairs.


i am a student who has experienced hair loss quite recently and was recommended to this shop by a friend to do treatment. The staffs were all friendly and kind, made me feel like home while i was there. Not pushy which makes me feel relaxed and trust their treatments more. Feeling satisfied after the treatment. 100% 👍🏻

Aakash Agarwal

When I reached out to Anne, I was frustrated with $$ that I spent on other major brand in NEX with no results. Anne patiently helped me with all my queries treatment and I can proudly say it works as charm. I still come here because I enjoy the tim here 🙂 it’s more than 2 years now and my wife some times joins me too. She infact got benefited with the treatment. Amazing service!


“U safe my life sis… had been crying all nite bcoz of my hair super problem … now my hair is fuzzy free. I can smile all day … thank you for saving my hair .. My husband wanted to try to”


“Hi Lydia, I’m done with the treatment and I like it… Using your product really calm my scalp .. thank u.. I book appt next week btw … Will buy ur product too …

M. Radonjic

“I had great and successful experience with salon staff. Just after one treatment I saw huge difference on my scalp. Hair loss was much much less which I faced before. I highly recommend to all of who have hair loss just to try it for one time and no regrets. Thank you”

R Vaughan

Highly Recommended! This place is convenient and budget friendly. The staff are nice and hands on in every work they do. Their salon premises is also good and the comfort of the salon is relaxing. The treatment they do is of high quality and very effective. So if you want a scalp treatment just visit this place!

M. Siva

I have been researching and trying a lot of products and treatments, finally found something that works for my psoriasis on my scalp. Itchiness is gone and my hair is so much better and lesser hair fall even after 1st treatment. Would recommend to anyone with scalp problems and hair loss.

Humairah S

Bio Revive Hair gro treatments has helped a lot with my hair fall and shedding. My thinning has stopped and I can see hair growth now. Staff are not pushy at all and they shows genuine care and professionalism.

C Tan

Super pleased with the results so far, has helped me overcome my hair loss issues. Good pricing which match the service and the quality of treatments and products. Highly recommended.


Bio Revive is definitely the go-to place if you want to restore your hair to it’s crowing glory!! I love their customized personal service … but most importantly IT WORKS!!! No hard selling, just good, honest treatment… highly recommended!!!

R. Joseph

Ever since I started this treatment, my scalp eczema has gotten better and I have lesser hairfall. On top of that, all my tiny baby hairs started growing and my hair is so much thicker! Their products work like a charm, especially the Hair Tonic!

Harriet R.

Psoriasis and itchiness on my scalp have diminished with their treatments. Tried a lot of products and treatments, finally found something that works and resolve my scalp problems. Highly recommended!

Breiza P.

One of the most effective and most affordable hair fall treatment i had. Please do bring this back in Dubai.

Jeyme F.

Have been a customer at Bio Revive for many years due to my hair loss and the only reason I continue is the results and that I love that they cater to muslimahs like me with their muslimah’s time slots. They arrange these time slots for us (muslimahs) so that on the day we come there’d be no men around for privacy. My hair fall was bad post natal and their treatment has helped me tremendously! The therapists are also a friendly and make you feel at home whilst you’re doing your treatment. Overall a very pleasant experience and most importantly, results can be seen. Thank you.


Bio Revive is definitely the go-to place if you want to restore your hair to it’s crowing glory!! I love their customized personal service … but most importantly IT WORKS!!! No hard selling, just good, honest treatment… highly recommended!!!

B. Paz

i had an excessive daily hair shedding and when i saw this service in dubai, based on the reviews, i straight away booked an appointment for a month as per salon recommendation and really super pleased of the results. When i heard the treatment was no longer available at the salon, i was extremely sad, this was my go-to treatment. Ive tried a lot of expensive products and the only thing that restored my hair was this treatment with their products. Please bring this treatment back in Dubai, it helped people like me with issues of hair shedding. Btw, not only its effective, its also affordable.


I would recommend BioRevive HairGro for their personalised, attentive and cost effective treatments to treat hairloss, hair thinning and other hair problems!

I like that they don’t hard-sell and let their treatments speak for themselves. They also do not magnify your problem, unlike other establishments who make your problem sound so severe, so as to intimidate you to sign up a huge package.

They have also complementary products for you to use at home, all reasonably priced. Also no hard sell, only buy what you need.

For all hair related concerns, I highly recommend BioRevive HairGro.

Just try them once. You won’t regret it.

I’ve been a customer for the last year and have seen a marked improvement in my hair condition!

Anju Danu
I had so much hair fall during feeding and post covid. Now my hair is good. Thanks to Anne. After seeing my hair, my hubby too went. He too had so much hair fall after covid. Now his hair is good too!! The best place to treat your scalp and hair fall.