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Mens hair loss Hair fall problem is common among men. For example in men Thinning hair, premature balding, psoriasis, Alopecia, dandruff, and in Male balding patterns, dandruff, psoriasis, and scalp disorders and seborrheic ermatitis. Our hair food high protein mask & special blends on more than 18 herbs & oil infused is included in our scalp treatment therapy best for thinning hair, male hair loss, balding and other forms of alopecia which aims at increasing hair growth through strengthening of the roots Special blend of ayurvedic herbs & Bio- Botanical nutrients and formulated ingredients designed to combat hair loss, promotes hair growth, unclog hair follicles and prevent sebum build-up. This energizing and rejuvenating treatment system aids in the Mens hair loss treatment of these disorders in our male clientele. Identifying your problems early will prevent deterioration of the condition which may lead to permanent hair loss.

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