Best hair loss treatment for alopecia and hair growth in Singapore. All you need to know about the different types of alopecia, hair loss causes and hair growth remedies.

Combining the benefits of herbal elements, bio-botanical ingredients, and Ayurvedic techniques, BioRevive HairGro is the results of 10 years of research and clients trials in Singapore and Dubai which effectively promotes and maintain healthy hair growth and restore a healthy scalp, resolving major scalp conditions and causes of hair loss related to scalp conditions.

Our revolutionary herbal scalp treatments and therapy aimed at repairing hair follicles from the roots to its normal growth function is the initial step at combating further hair fall and prevents hair thinning which accounts for the majority types and causes of hair loss.

Armed with 10 years of experience in Hair Loss Treatments in Singapore, BioRevive HairGro has developed an affordable, effective and result-oriented programme that addresses scalp problems to provide the reversal of hair loss and provide the herbal remedy to combat issues such as hair loss and produces visible hair growth. To date, we have over 10,000 successful treatments and satisfied clients around the world.


BioRevive HairGro has created treatment solutions based on 10 years of research and trials of clients in Singapore, coupled with our advanced equipment used in our salons specifically in the treatment of hair loss. We have also developed a comprehensive at-home products care for customers to maintain their progress at home with our easy to use a supply of BioRevive HairGro products currently available in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. We offer international shipping of products to customers outside Singapore and Dubai.Our products have been developed through stringent procedures with our pharmaceutical company in Singapore. To date, our hair growth treatments have demonstrated visible results in 1-3 months depending on the individual including Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women.

With our outlets in Singapore and Dubai, BioRevive HairGro has successfully developed the most advanced hair loss treatment that aims and promises to cure the scalp of ailments to

best boost hair growth, control and manages hair fall and prevent hair loss.


HAIR LOSS & Alopecia diagnosis:


Choosing the most effective Treatment for Hair Loss in Singapore and Dubai depends on understanding the symptoms and possible causes of your hair loss. For best results, it is recommended to follow the recommended course of treatment and the proper use of the home care products as advised by our therapists.

Characteristics of Hair thinning: This happens when individual hair strands start losing their density and width, causing the hair to appear thin and weak. Our hair growth treatment can prevent this from further deterioration into permanent hair loss. BioRevive HairGro Singapore and Dubai Hair Loss Treatments can aid in achieving his by addressing proper circulation to the follicle and thus reducing the effects of androgenic causes to ensure thicker and healthier hair growth for during the hair growth phases of the hair cycle.


Hair fall in significant quantity is the first symptom which can be detected by discovering excessive hair found on your pillow while brushing or combing and in the shower. Early detection and seeking treatment to prevent further hair fall can help to restore the scalp condition and stop further and reoccurring hair loss.

To prevent this, BioRevive HairGro equips all facilities in Singapore and Dubai with advance and thorough scalp analysis tools and Light Technology equipment to not only determine the type of hair loss but also provide the most effective hair loss treatment in Singapore and Dubai to aid in Hair Loss Prevention and provides the cure and remedy to hair loss.

The characteristics of Alopecia Areata is hair loss which occurs in patches, either in one or multiples areas on the scalp. Stress and hormonal imbalance are also known to be a key aggravator of alopecia areata. Our Alopecia Areata Treatment helps to provide the nutrients and ‘hair food’ back into the follicles to optimize the condition of the scalp and promote hair growth over time. Alopecia areata results in our customers can be rectified in 2-3 months depending on the severity from case to case basis.

This is a more advanced stage of Alopecia Areata and involves the loss of hair on the entire area of the scalp. In these cases, we will assess the customer’s situation carefully to ensure they understand the situation and the limitations of the effectiveness of hair loss treatments if no living pores can be found through scalp analysis. The effectiveness of the treatment will be dependent on the availability of living pores on the scalp which can be reactivated.


Characteristics of hair loss – ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA
The most common form of hair loss occurring in men and women in adulthood also known as male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss.
This type of hair loss is inherited genetically or influence by hormonal imbalances in the body on the hair follicles. BioRevive HairGro treatments can help control the intensity and deterioration of this type of hair loss. Our herbal hair loss treatment and hair growth products in Singapore and Dubai can help slow down the effects of androgenic alopecia by strengthening and repairing the scalp and hair follicles from the roots.


Excessive physical stress or pulling on the hair follicles and is seen more commonly in females who subject their hair to excessive styling and prolong use of hair extensions especially the braided types. Our herbal scalp treatment has successfully treated customers facing this hair loss type issue. Advice and adjustments to making lifestyle changes will be given to customers to avoid overuse of chemicals in styling products and refrain from the use of hair extensions of any kinds to help relax the scalp and follicles from the over pulling effect thus boosting the scalp condition to restore healthy hair growth functions.


Anagen Effluvium/ telogen relates to the use of certain medications and medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. As the effects of the medications and medical treatment cause this type of hair loss, customers are advised to start the hair growth treatment after the cessation of the medical treatments itself and the removal of the hair loss contributor in the medication used. This will allow hair to grow again provide the hair shaft or pores are not destroyed. BioRevive HairGro has treatments designed to reduce the baldness effects from chemotherapy or hair loss in this area by intensive scalp repair and boosting nutrient supply, improving circulation to the follicle which will produce healthier and stronger hair growth.

Preventing hair loss and maintaining your precious locks, identifying your scalp type and using the right hair care products and treatments is an important factor. As hair loss can start from any age, early detection and intervention by selecting the best hair loss treatment can make all the difference in preserving your crowning glory.
Diet and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to maintaining your overall scalp health.
Our trained scalp care professionals will provide free consultation and scalp analysis at any of BioRevive outlets in Singapore or Dubai to help your understanding of your scalp conditions and how you can treat hair loss and find the most effective and affordable hair loss treatments in Singapore and Dubai.