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Understanding eczema – The best treatment Singapore for scalp eczema.

Eczema is a type of scalp and skin condition caused by a deficiency of oils and moisture. Scalp eczema can be caused by either seborrheic or atopic (inherited) dermatitis. A balance of these elements helps maintains skin and scalp health by creating a strong barrier to environmental damage, irritation, and infection. At BioRevive HairGro Singapore, the best scalp treatment and anti hair loss products are developed based on this understanding of your scalp condition and the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients are carefully selected to overcome Eczema right from the roots by strengthening this barrier.

Irritation due to Eczema on the scalp may cause hair loss due to the tendency to scratch the itch which in turn, increases the irritation and cause damage to the hair follicles.

This action may result in pulled out hair and breakage. Our herbal scalp treatments combined with botanical and herbal infused oils are proven to be effective in treating and minimising the irritation caused by eczema and any inflammation are gradually treated by the anti-inflammatory natural components in our Biogrowth herbal treatment mask made of more than 20 ayurvedic herbs during our 2 hours intensive scalp treatment session and in time will promote new hair growth and best eczema scalp treatment results.

Severe Eczema condition it could cause damage to the hair follicles and further aggravate hair loss. It is important to seek help from a hair care specialist to ensure the correct treatment is rendered for this scalp condition.

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