Anti Dandruff Treatment

Specialized anti-dandruff treatment:

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Get the best herbal scalp treatment and products in Singapore for beautiful, lustrous and healthy hair at BioRevive HairGro. If your scalp is itchy, inflamed, oily or dry and constantly sheds white flakes, you’re not alone. Struggling with a scalp condition which a number of people has experienced some form of scalp concern at one point or another, which can include mild irritation, itchiness, dandruff, or in more severe cases, scalp dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Oily and dry scalp are also a concern as they cause hair loss and prevents hair growth as the scalp produces too much sebum or too little nutrients for dry scalp which leads to the roots not being able to withhold healthy hair growth.

BioRevive HairGro is a hair loss treatment center in Singapore that delivers unique natural hair growth solution using Ayurvedic techniques and bio botanical ingredients that are effective against hair fall and thinning hair. Customized herbal scalp treatments, anti hair fall products are designed to combat free radicals and sebum build up in pores and hair follicle which is often seen in alopecia. The application of hair nutrients directly on the scalp will best promote hair growth naturally from reactivation of follicles resulting from a healthy scalp. Safe, affordable and effective against male and female hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema and other scalp irregularities.

Best anti-dandruff treatment Singapore

Scalp issues are way more common and finding the best anti dandruff treatment or scalp treatment in Singapore is a mission. The good news, though, BioRevive HairGro Singapore has the innovative scalp and hair loss solutions to help solve our scalp issues. Our scalp treatment is an all round honest treatment which helps with the regeneration of hair follicles, address all the important nutrients intake, rectifies all irregular scalp conditions and which aids overall in resulting your thinning hair grows luxuriously fuller and thicker in a matter of time. Our natural herbal scalp treatment and regular use of our hair growth natural products will help soothe and cleanse the scalp of flaky scales and sebum while aiding in the hair follicles to receive the best and most important nutrients. Our rich herbal concoctions of all the necessary minerals and nutrients derived from the best in ayurvedic and European herbs proven to combat and prevent further effects and signs of alopecia.

Infused Oil Treatment:

Depending on your scalp condition, our therapist will determine and include the infused oil therapy to provide nutrients from our Special blended Biogrowth hair oil into the hair follicles. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage using our herbal- nutrients enriched oil. Our O2 Oxygen Steaming is then used to open the pores so the nutrients can be delivered deep into your hair roots and providing essential moisture and extensive nourishment into the hair follicles.

Hair Food Mask Application:

Our herbal blend of hair food consist such as Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai, and other special ayurvedic herbs known for their hair growth properties will cool your scalp and promotes blood circulation to revitalize your hair follicles which helps in hair growth and reduce hair loss in no time. Our hair food high protein mask is included in our scalp treatment therapy best for thinning hair, female and male hair loss, balding and other forms of alopecia which aims at increasing hair growth through strengthening of the roots.

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