Janice Fion Review

Janice Fion Review!


Hi Readers,

Sorry for my late blog update again. This blog was supposed to be posted before I went for my overseas trip during last year’s Christmas season. During the peak season period of last December, I was busily involved in lots of work events…

As for this blog, I’m gonna write about my personal experience with BioRevive HairGro S’pore.

BioRevive HairGro Center’s revolutionary concept that focuses on a person’s hair loss and scalps restoration treatments which combines the wonders of ayurvedic with the latest advancements in essential Bio-nutrients and botanical ingredients. Using this technology, it provides a holistic approach to tackle hair loss and scalp problems. This is not just an usual hair treatment where you can seek from any ordinary hair salon.

Recently, BioRevive HairGro did an analysis for my hair and found out that I had oily hair scalp that clogged my hair pore. This in turn resulted me to develop hair fall. So what did the well-trained BioRevive HairGro therapists do to overcome my hair problem.



They did a

1) Hi-Frequency Scalp Treatment


This intensive hair treatment is to treat scalp disorders, hair loss and alopecia, and it is carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra rays. It also helps to stimulate the scalp for blood circulation.

I really enjoyed this treatment as I merely need to sit back relaxing during the entire process.

Follow by

2) Scalp Massage

It involves massaging on my scalp with a Special Blend of Ayurvedic & Botanical oils. This massage treatment helps to strengthen your hair roots and moisture’s the hair scalp.


3) Steaming

After the hair massage, steaming process follows. The purpose is to increase the absorption of the special HairGro oil by the scalp so that the pore will open up.


4) HairGro Hair Mask

The final step will be the HairGro mask application in which the Ayurvedic HairGro hair mask will be coated with nutritious yogurt. This helps to purify and to deep cleanse the scalp. This treatment lasted about 20 – 30 mins.

From my overall experience, I felt amazed by this hair ReviveGro Treatment. Besides having silky smooth hair, you also need to have healthy hair scalps for your proper hair growth! This, I think is very important which we shall not neglect. Do you agree?
Thank you BioRevive HairGro for having me!
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