Show Off Your Crown With Pride

Show Off Your Crown With Pride: Singapore

Many of us have hair envy when we watch advertisements for shampoo or hair products. Especially for those with thin hair, having thick or lustrous hair may seem to remain a dream. There may be no magic solution to instantly have beautiful hair. However, with frequent care and suitable treatments, having great hair does not have to remain a fantasy. BioRevive HairGro is here to treat your hair woes!


About BioRevive HairGro

BioRevive HairGro is a hair loss treatment center that delivers a unique herbal hair loss solution using Ayurvedic techniques and bio botanical ingredients. Included in their two hour customized herbal scalp treatments, the products are designed to combat hair loss and alopecia by promoting hair growth naturally from the reactivation of follicles originating from a healthy stronger scalp.

Product and Services Offered

If you are having hair or scalp troubles such as:

  • Eczema
  • Scalp psoriasis
  • Dandruff
  • Itchy, sensitive scalp
  • Post natal hair loss
  • Alopecia areata: Male or female hair loss

They are able to provide you with some solution to alleviate your problems. In addition to services, they also provide hair loss products range from our BioGrowth Shampoo, tonic, hair oil, herbal mask, hair serum, scalp moisturizer, hair colouring services for hair loss prone hair. Furthermore, they provide time slots for Muslimah customers and have all ladies only treatment timing slots available with advance booking. Their treatments are safe & suitable for men and women of all ages and children with no known side effects.

Listening To Our Hair and Head

The company started off in 2010 from the founder’s own hair loss experience from frequent hairstyling, colouring, vigorous hair extensions procedures and hormonal imbalance. Having gone through the ordeal of dealing with hair loss, BioRevive HairGro began as a consumer friendly hair loss treatment center, which not only helps clients overcome their hair loss problems, but also cater to their budget and expectations.

Helping People Fulfill Their Hair Goals

They aim to bring herbal and less invasive methods in the treatment of hair loss across to consumers on a bigger international market catering to all types of hair loss issues and hair types. Additionally, they are in the midst of expanding their hair services to provide more comprehensive hair treatments and other styling options to clients by the involvement of more qualified hair stylists and therapist. This also includes investing in more equipment and technology and looking to have another branch in Singapore.

If you have something that works well, people will come back for more.

– Lydia, Founder of BioRevive HairGro

To happier and healthier hair!