BioGrowth HairGro Oil


Provide nourishment to the scalp & hair with the special blends of oils which results in healthy & strong hair follicles & promotes hair growth.

BioRevive HairGro oil made of nature’s finest herbs and Ayurvedic plants that help in promoting hair growth and revitalizing hair follicles from root to tip. It imparts essential nutrients to your roots through more than 18 different ingredients with hair growth properties. These natural ingredients reduce hair fall and hair breakage. It strengthens your hair from the roots to give it a natural bounce and shine. This herbal oil nourishes each hair strand from within to give you healthy, soft, silky, and flowing hair. With regular use, this herbal oil is guaranteed to improve the overall health of your hair and scalp

Hair Oil: 250 ml

Directions for use:
Gently massage & distribute on scalp and hair ends. Leave on for 30mins to 1hr and rinse off with BioRevive Growth Shampoo.
Use 2 times week before shampoo