BioRevive HairGro Shampoo

BioRevive HairGro Shampoo


This shampoo is designed for all hair types to thoroughly cleanse hair & treat the scalp to reduce hair loss with the active BioRevive ingredients.

Our specially formulated shampoo enriched with bio botanicals, vitamins & herbal ingredients.

Product Benefits
* Super active against the treatment of hair loss.
* Unclog pores & encourage healthy hair follicles.
* Highest quality of botanical ingredients.
* Suitable for cleansing of sensitive scalp & other scalp disorders.
* Provides thorough cleansing action.
* Enriched with all the vitamins, minerals for your hair.

Directions: Apply evenly onto wet hair. Massage into rich lather. Rinse off thoroughly.

Size: 500ml Last for 2-3 mths Suitable for all hair types. Use daily or on alternate days.