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Best herbal scalp treatment for post-partum hair loss in Singapore.

All You Need To Know About | Post Natal Hair growth treatment

Numerous hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy, but one sudden condition is that sometimes sudden and severe hair loss starts after the baby is born. This usually occur 2-3 months after the ceasation of pregnancy.

This hormonal affected hair loss related to a significance in hormones shift after childbirth which may be lead to more permanent female pattern hair loss in future if the scalp is not given the extra care.

BioRevive HairGro treatments are safe to be performed on customers with Post Natal hair loss as our hair growth products are made of herbal compounds of the finest herbs with their very own natural hair growth properties and advanced equipment which helps treat this type of hair loss condition and prevents further hair loss in women.

Post-partum hair loss in women in Singapore: Under normal situation, 85-95% of our hair is in the growth phase periodically, but the hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause an increase in the percentage of hairs in the growth phase which result in the appearance of thicker hair during pregnancy. This is caused by the effect of a higher percentage of hairs than normal are growing and fewer than normal is in its resting/shedding phase.

This situation changes with the birth of the baby, as more hairs than normal enter the resting phase which is causing my hormonal shift at this stage. Following the resting phase is the hair shedding phase, subsequently, at this time, new mothers will notice more significant number than normal hair loss once the resting phase ceases. Most women will return to their usual hair growth cycle within 3 to 6 months, or around 6 and 12 months after birth. BioRevive HairGro treatments can expedite this process and regulate the follicles to restore the balance in the scalp to achieve hair growth overcoming the resting phase of this hormonal related type of hair fall.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is always advisable with any hair loss condition and as a prevention towards further hair thinning. This is especially emphasized in Post-Partum hair loss. The body has supported the development of a baby until the nursing phase, so the levels of the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth must be maintained at all stages. We offer the most affordable and effective herbal  scalp treatment to combat hair thinning from post-natal hair loss  in Singapore with easy to use anti hair loss home products for scalp and hair maintenance in between treatments to ensure best hair regrowth results.

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